Want to find out even more about Catalonia? Below you’ll find great resources to help you explore. Som-hi!

Pro Independence Organizations

Catalan National Assembly

The English page for ANC (Assemblea Nacional de Catalunya), an independent grassroots organization that is helping to make Catalonia a free and democratic state.

News Sources

Vila Web

Great independent electronic Catalan news site that started in 1995. You’ll find current stories about politics, culture, sports and everything else happening in Catalonia here in English.

The Wilson Initiative 

News, opinions, and straight facts from a group of Catalan scholars in Political Science and Economics fields.

Ara (‘Now’ in Catalan) Newspaper

Born in 2010 Ara is Catalonia’s largest newspaper written in Catalan.  They also have a small English section of the paper on their website.

Learn Catalan – Free & Paid Catalan Language Courses

This is one of the main resources I’ve used for learning Catalan. It’s 100% free and really fantastically done. You can start from the very basics, or jump in at a higher level. There’s even a comprehension test to help you determine where to start.

SoftCatalà – Translator, Grammar & Spell Checker, Dictionaries

Great set of Catalan language tools provided by SoftCatalà, a non-profit association aimed at promoting the use of Catalan.

Catalan Sayings Blog 

This useful blog was made by students at the Frederic Martí Carreras High School in Palafrugell. With silly pictures and detailed explanations (all in Catalan) it will help you make sense of the many Catalan sayings.

General Info

 The BBC’s Profile of Catalonia

A great overview including info quick stats, a historical timeline and info on their politicians.

Visit Catalonia

TimeOut Barcelona

Want to know what’s going on in Barcelona while you’re there? TimeOut has all the info you need on events, museums, restaurants and all the sight-seeing stops you can’t miss. Check out their Catalan version too!

More links coming soon!


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