Political Symbols

Catalan Flags


The Senyera is the official flag of Catalonia and is based on the Crown of Aragon’s coat of arms. The red stripes are often referred to as the ‘quatre barres’ or ‘four bars’, and the design has quite an interesting origin. According to legend Wilfred the Hairy, the Count of Barcelona, was injured in battle during the siege of Barcelona by Moorish forces led by Lobo ibn Mohammed in the 9th century. As he lay dying from his wounds King Charles the Bald dipped his fingers in Wilfred’s blood and dragged them down a golden shield as a sign of gratitude for the Count’s bravery and sacrifice in battle.

Check out the largest Senyera in history created to celebrate Catalonia’s National Day in 2014. It was formed in a V shape (for Vote) by 1.8 MILLION demonstrators calling for an Independent Catalonia.



The Estelada is an unofficial flag that represents Catalonia’s independence movement. It is considered to have been designed in 1918 by Vicenç Albert Ballester i Camps,an important and vocal separatist of the time. The blue triangle and white star that sit atop the four bars was based a upon combining the Senyera with the Cuban flag, a country whose anti-imperialist view of Spain inspired Vicenç Albert Ballester. Nowadays they are proudly displayed from balconies, flagpoles, t-shirts, sneakers, and anywhere possible across the country as people show their support for a new, free Catalan state.