This site was created to help English speakers get to know Catalonia better and to understand the nation’s movement for independence. Through this project I hope to help readers have a more personal connection to the Catalan people and culture so that they may better understand what’s going on there nowadays and to spark their curiosity about all things Catalan. I personally have been deeply inspired by the Catalans and their determined, peaceful, and passionate push to create their own free country. It is a truly beautiful part of the world with an incredible, unique culture, and an extensive history.

Volunteering with the Catalan National Assembly in Vic, 2014

About the Author – Jessica Van Riper

I’m a 28 year old girl from Florida, born and raised in the USA, but well travelled and with a strong sense of adventure. I first visited and fell in love with Catalonia on a weekend trip while interning with a design studio in Valencia and have since made as many trips back as possible. I even spent a summer living in Barcelona and Vic, a smaller town about an hour to the north.

I’m currently based in Tallahassee, FL and working full time at a local radio station. Next year I plan on moving back to Barcelona to do a Masters in Translation at the Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya (Catalan Open University).

Aside from practicing Catalan and waving esteladas around you can find me taking Spanish literature classes at Florida State University, doing freelance photography and design work, hanging out at the beach, bike riding, or watching horror movies.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your visit, and Visca Catalunya! ||*||

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Unless otherwise noted all content is attributed to the site’s author, Jessica Van Riper. If you would like to share any part of this site please be sure to include catalanindependence.com as the source. 

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