Massive Strike in Response to Spanish Police Violence

In protest of the brutal police violence carried out by the Spanish National Police and Guardia Civil against Catalan citizens in the October 1st Independence Referendum the region has come to a halt today in a massive general strike.

At 11am local time Catalans rallied at the voting precincts that had been vandalized by the Spanish police and there simultaneous protests with the local firefighters that protected the voters during the referendum, standing up to the riot police.


Thousands of university students who have been a vocal group in support of the referendum held a protest and march at noon local time in Barcelona marching from the Universitat Plaza to the Ciutadella Park with most local universities suspending all academic activities for the day in support of the region-wide strike.


Rural groups and farmers are participating in the strike with parades of tractors, some of which were used to block the entrances to the voting sites during the referendum.

Various Catalan newspapers and media outlets are also participating going to partial coverage today. For example, the newspaper Ara has announced that they will not release a paper version of the press today as part of their protest and that they will work with reduced staff to continue 24hr online coverage. The salaries those participating in the strike will be donated to the victims of the police violence.

The demonstrations have also taken to the main highways with roadblocks causing huge traffic jams on about 50 roadways as reported by TV3. Public transportation has also been affected as with the metro operating at 25% during rush hour.

There will be continued acts of protest throughout the day with planned rallies outside of the local town halls at 6pm local time.

Author: Jessica

Translator Photographer Graphic Designer


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